Saturday, October 22, 2011

Holy Heartburn Batman....and other pregnancy ramblings

So, here I sit on a Saturday night. Used to I would be at the OU games with my husband, but instead, this season I've become a weekend widow. Since I'm not "allowed" to go I usually just hang out with my mom. She happens to be in Moore at the Chateau PO, so I've been in pj's since about 4:30 watching mindless TV and sitting on the couch. I think I'm actually  losing brain cells.

A week from Monday and I will officially be in my third trimester. Hallelujah! My newest pregnancy development is Heartburn....seriously, I think just drinking water gives it to me. I'm popping Tums like candy. Other than that, I'm getting fatter by the day.  Staying off your feet doesn't bode well for weight gain in pregnancy, I'm pretty sure by the time it's all said and done I will have exceded my "ideal weight gain". As long as we get Maddox here healthy though,  that is the important thing. I had an ultrasound on Wednesday and  he is currently weighing in at 1lb 13 oz.
His profile. We hadn't gotten a decent profile pic since about 10 weeks.

The doctor switched it over to 4D for a second and we got a couple of good pics of his face. He loves having his hand over his face. His profile pic from 10 weeks he has his hand over his face too.

This one is my favorite because it looks like he is smiling! We had a 4D ultrasound appointment scheduled for Thursday, but he wouldn't cooperate (like his daddy) so we are going to try again in a couple of weeks.

Maddox's right foot is still turned in, so at this point it's still looking like we will have to cast at least his right foot so that they can stretch it back into the right position. When I googled it, it's fairly common and quite fixable. We are praying that it corrects itself  though.

In other news, I took the dreaded glucose test last Monday. I'm assuming I passed. My doctor said they would get the results back in a couple of days, but they don't call you if you pass, they just go over your results at your next appointment, so I guess no news is good news, which is awesome because I don't think I could do the three hour test...the one hour was bad enough,  and talk about the heartburn afterward!! My appointments have now been moved to every two weeks instead of once a month, which means four doctor appointments a month. I've seen my perinatologist twice a month since I found  out I was pregnant, and now my regular OB. It's a lot, but I'm kind of glad. My last appointment I was  told to stay off my feet at work. Impossible when you teach, so I asked if that meant bed rest. His reply I'm not prescribing bed rest, but you need to stay off your feet. So the whole two weeks I was at work until my next appointment, I was afraid I was hurting Maddox because most days staying off my feet wasn't possible. This time he was a little more clear and told me it was okay to go to work. I did have to get a support belt though, and still have to keep an eye on things.
I'm very blessed that my boss and co workers have been so supportive. It's not easy working with someone that is high risk. They have been so great encouraging me and supporting me if something doesn't seem right, even if it means they have to take on extra responsibility. I'm very grateful! Well, that's pretty much the update for now. Maybe next blog will be sooner....maybe not.

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