Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Another Sugar Rush...Bedrest...and Phone Issues

My week started out  with an appointment to Dr. Kimbrough on Monday. Last time I went I had the dreaded glucose test. She had told me they would get the results in a few days and if I didn't hear from them I passed and we would go over the results at my next appointment (this one). So they listened to the heartbeat measured me etc, and then she said you took your glucose test right? I told her yes and she said we should get your results in a few days. I then told her no, I took it last time. They didn't have my results in the system, so finally they got them and I failed by  a couple of points, so now, I get to do the 3 hour test. JOY.

Today I went to Dr. Mirabile, my high risk dr. I go every two weeks, and they do a fetal fibernectin test every time I go. If it comes back negative there is like a 99% chance I won't  go into labor in the next 2 weeks, but if it comes back positive, I could. Thankfully today it came back negative. We  are hoping for at least 6 more weeks. I am 28 weeks 3 days today. However, the doctor did put me on bedrest because my cervix had shortened 4 mm in 2 weeks, and was already borderline to begin with. He said 1 more millimeter, and it won't matter if I pass the ffn tests or not, they will start giving me steroid shots to develop Maddox's lungs.

Thankfully mom and dad have a house in Moore for when dad is in session, so I will be on bedrest there. I want to be as close to Mercy's NICU  as possible just in case I go into labor before 34 weeks. So now, between Mom, Dad and Will, they have to work out a babysitting schedule for me because I can't be there by myself in case I go into labor. Be in prayer for Will and I because it will be very hard to be away from him through most of the week. He will probably only be able to be there on the weekends. Not the most ideal situation, but we have to do what is best for Maddox.

To add to my frustration, my phone is being stupid (btw this is the 4th phone I've been through, but I don't want to upgrade because we are switching service this month) Today anytime someone would call me and I would try to answer, it would hang up. Sorry if you tried to call me. Also, it won't let me text numbers, and my s and a only work sometimes. So bear with me if you get a text with a number spelled out, or lots of s' and a's missing. I plan on getting a new phone next week. Thank the Lord!

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