Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Month of Bed rest and Only Slightly Insane

Today is the one month mark that I have been on bed rest. For four weeks I have taken up residence on the couch/ in the bed. I am proud to say that I have done a good job, and am only going slightly insane, with some days being worse than others. I skipped blogging week 3, but lets face it, when your on bed rest there really isn't much that is interesting to tell.

I think I really started to go stir crazy last week with all the family up for Thanksgiving. I really wanted to be more interactive than I could be. Plus, with gestational diabetes, I didn't get to partake in the usual holiday goods. Which leads to my other point of frustration. Because I'm on bed rest, my blood sugar numbers have been so unpredictable. I've followed the diet to the letter and still would come up with high numbers, or if I ate something that gave me perfect numbers one day, and had the exact same thing the next, my numbers would be high. So frustrating! However, this week I think we finally found the magic dose of my medicine. I've had perfect numbers all week...until lunch today, but more on that later.

I had my high risk appointment today. The plus to being high risk is that I get to see Maddox every two weeks. He is a growing boy. He currently weighs 4lbs 2oz, and from the 3d/4d ultrasounds, he looks more like me. Which is funny, because Kamdyn looked exactly like Will.  I can't wait to see him for real and compare all of his features. Dr. Mirabile decided to go ahead and give me the steroid shots for lung development, because this week really closes the window on the shots being effective should we need them.  Let me tell you, that steroid shot did not feel good. I almost said a bad word, and I am not a cusser. The bad thing is I have to go get my 2nd one tomorrow.  Also, Dr. Mirabile told me the shot would screw up my blood sugars, and sure enough, at lunch today I had the highest numbers I had had ever!

After our appointment, Will and I toured the maternity ward in Norman. I was very impressed with the facility and think it will be a great experience. We also got the paperwork to pre register.

The best news came a few hours after my appointment. My Ffn test came back negative, which should buy me two more weeks of not having to worry to much about pre term labor. That will get us to our first short term goal of  34 weeks. Also, that means I get to go home on Saturday for a few hours for my baby shower. This excites me to no end, not so much because of the shower, which will be great, but to be able to socialize and feel somewhat normal for a few hours. Think about it, I'm in Norman so I don't get many visitors, and I'm on strict bed rest, so the only outside world I get to see is from here to the doctor and back. I get excited for my 5 minute every other day shower, so this is pure excitement.

All in all, it has been a fabulous day, even with the painful shot. It amazes me that in just weeks Maddox will be here. We hope to make it to 36 weeks which would make Maddox a Christmas baby. Anything after 36 would just be a bonus. Family is already taking bets on when he will make his grand enterance. Until  next time, I'll leave you with a few pictures...I posted these on facebook too a couple of days ago, so sorry for the repeats.

Me when I was a baby.

 And another....I'm digging my dad's hair and glasses....and the fake library in the background.

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