Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bed rest week 2 and doctor drama

This week has not been much different than the last...more laying on the bed/couch. I did get to go home Sunday. It was great to sleep in my own bed. I went home because I had an appointment with my Ardmore doctor on Monday. However, when I got to my appointment they told me I didn't have an appointment, and were very rude by the way. So I showednthem my appointment card and they had to work me in with a doctor I don't normally see.

I've been going to the same doctor since I moved back to Ardmore, but throughout this pregnancy there have been several missteps, and things just seem so unorganized. Almost every appointment I went to, something off would happen, so Monday was the final straw. I won't get into the details, but at my appointment with Dr. Mirabile today, I had him refer me to a new doctor. I've already filled out the new patient paperwork.

So, looks like I will be delivering in Norman...God's country. It makes me feel better knowing that whenever I deliver there will be a NICU. Plus the hospital is less than 10 minutes from mom and dad's, and the best part according to my mom is that it's right next to Tecumseh Rd Sonic. My mom knows all the Sonics in a 40 mile radius and has them ranked. Tecumseh is #1 on the list. Which of course is why I picked Norman LoL.

I still haven't heard back from my ffn test, so I guess I will call the doctor in the morning. Hopefully I passed. Maddox is weighing in at 3.1 lbs, and I want to give him a few more weeks to cook.

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  1. Glad you are going to another doctor. I've had experiences like that and ended up "firing" my ob/gyn. It's like...seriously people?! And SO glad you will be close to the #1 Sonic. I'm so glad that there is a Sonic near us here in Reno, and that I know where they are located when we drive the 3 hours to my mom's. Sometimes I just need a cherry limeade. :) Keep up the good work (even if it's bedrest.) You're almost there! xoxo Erin